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Adding book fails

There are several reasons:

1.The book is encrypted by DRM, you need to open it with dedicated ebook reader.

2.The book is not made according to the ePub specification precisely, so Neat Reader can not parse it correctly. In this case, some ebook reader maybe able to opne the book. Please let us know if this is the case.

3.The file maybe broken inside, in this case, all the ebook reader can not open it.

No book cover

Neat Reader will try to fetch the book cover image according to the ePub specification, if the ePub file doesn't tell Neat Reader where the image is, Neat Reader can not find the book cover. Sorry for that.

Book content is cut

This is caused by the browser bug for big screen or HD screen.

You can solve this problem just by changing the zoom ratio down a little bit. Usually 90% will do.

No answer to your question?

We are glad to help, you can contact us for any questions.