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Add book failed

If the addition fails, there may be several reasons:

1. The book is encrypted and can only be opened with a specific software. This is due to the protection of electronic copyright.

2. The book is produced at a poor level and is not standardized. Neat Reader was developed in full accordance with the official ePub specification, but some books were not in compliance with official specifications when they were produced, causing the parsing to fail. You can use Calibre software to perform an "ePub to ePub" format conversion, and the converted e-book can be parsed normally.

3. The file itself is corrupted or not a valid ePub file.

No book cover

Neat Reader will extract the cover of the book according to the standard specifications of the ePub file. If the ePub file you added does not set the cover image according to the specifications, we can't extract it.

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