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Neat ePub reader for Windows is an ePub software specially developed for PC computer users. We knew that after Microsoft Edge stops supporting ePub files, a lot of people are trying to find an alternative ePub viewer software. So we build this free, powerful ePub reading app for you.

If you don't know how to read ePub files on Windows, you have come to the right place. In a nutshell, you need a special software that can read ePub file for you. Actually, there are plenty of choices of ePub software. But we are confident to say that Neat Reader is one of the best. Neat ePub Reader is free, elegant and fast. Moreover, Neat Reader also works on MacOS, Android, iOS and even web browsers.

Neat Reader is not only a ePub viewer, it is also a eBook management software. You can use it manage your book library and your annotations. Not like other simple ePub reader, mostly developed by solo software developer, Neat Reader is a product of company which is dedicated to ePub technology, so you can be confident using it.

Nowadays, Neat Reader has gained millions of users worldwide and is widely acclaimed by ePu users. It is free to use, just download to get started.

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Not Just a Windows ePub Reader

If you read online -- and let's face it, who doesn't -- odds are you've come across an ePub file. If you're on a device that already supports it, you should have no problem opening the ePub and getting into your reading. But if you're on Windows and your computer blankly stares at you when you try to open that ePub file, you need an ePub reader. While you used to be able to open up ePub books in the default Windows internet browser, they discontinued support for that function when the company developed the Chromium-based Edge browser, so you'll have to get a third-party app.

But it's not a big deal. There are plenty of Windows ePub readers that can get you up and running, though it's not clear which one you should use and whether there are even real differences between them. According to the ePub format itself, an ePub reader is just something that can read an ePub file, but there's a lot of functionality under the hood. Epub files separate the content from the display, which means different apps, devices and screens can display the same content in a way that looks great, no matter what you're viewing it on.

However, ePubs support note taking, highlighting, bookmarking and tons of other features, and unless you get the right Windows ePub reader, you might not get any of this. Furthermore, some readers sync your reading across devices and platforms, so you can pick up reading whenever you have a moment. A Windows ePub reader that only works on Windows won't be able to do this at all, and if you want to switch devices you'll have to copy everything over or start from scratch, and that can be a real bummer if you've spent days or weeks highlighting and making notes.

With Neat Reader, you can read, annotate and manage all your ePub books and reading material from just one app. Not only is it a full-featured Windows ePub reader, but compatible apps for iOS, Android and even Macs make Neat Reader the best way to read ePubs on multiple devices. Even if you don't own a computer and use a public terminal at a cafe or the library, Neat Reader works without downloading anything with a comprehensive web app that's just like the native software.

Create a free account or download our Windows ePub reader today and get a seven-day premium trial for free. While the app and account is free, some of our advanced features make managing a large library of ePub files easy, and when you can read everything on a moment's notice no matter where you are or what device you have with you -- whether it's a laptop, MacBook, tablet or phone -- you'll read even more than you ever thought possible with Neat Reader.

For more about the number one ePub reader available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and more, check out our web app for a quick trial, or jump right in and download our Windows ePub reader for free. For heavy readers, we even have membership plans that will sync all of your data and you'll get up to 10GB of cloud storage space for even the largest digital libraries.

From everyone here at Neat Reader: Happy reading!

Q: What is the system requirement for this software?

Please make sure your PC's operation system is Window7 or above

Q: Is this EPUB Reader free?

Yes, you can use it without spending a penny. This is a typical freemium software, most of the functions can be used for free, such as basic book management, book reading, highlighting annotations and so on.

If you need to use cloud storage and data synchronization across devices, you need to pay a small fee to upgrade to a premium account.

Q: How to open EPUB file with this app?

The use of this software is very simple and intuitive, you only need to complete the installation and follow the operation guide.

Q: Why is this EPUB viewer different from other EPUB software?

Neat Reader is a software designed specifically for EPUB file reading, and is the only EPUB reader in the world that supports a full platform. Compared with similar software, Neat Reader is more professional and comprehensive, and can meet all your needs for reading EPUB.

Q: What eBook formats do Neat Reader for Windows support?

Neat Reader currently only supports EPUB format, and may support TXT and PDF formats in the future, so stay tuned.

Q: When will Neat Reader support TXT and PDF?

At the end of 2020, if everything goes well.

Q: Can I read mobi and azw3 files with Neat Reader for Windows?

Neat Reader does not support directly opening files in mobi and azw3 formats. But you can use Calibre and other software to convert mobi and azw3 files to epub files, and then use Neat Reader to read them. Since the format of mobi and azw3 is very similar to EPUB, the book files after transcoding can be kept basically the same.

Q: Can I use Neat Reader as alternative to Edge browser for EPUB books?

Yes, of course.

Notice: The following reviews are selected from several sources

Sarah Von Hoene

Great EPUB reader. Since Edge no longer supports epub, I have been looking for suitable alternatives. Neat Reader should be ranked much much higher, other epub viewers are just toys. For the first time, I think Google should re-evalute their way of ranking pages.

Source: User Support Email


It is great to see such a good and free ePub file reader for Windows 10. I have been using Calibre to read my eBooks for couple of years, but the lack of annotation and cloud synchronization frustrated me. I am glad you guys build this ePub reader for PC, it is really amazing.

Source: User Support Email


What a wonder epubreader, this is all I want to say, keep up the good work, hope to see it gets better and better.

Source: User Support Email

David Williams

My workstation is very old, it is still running Windows 7. When I searched "how to open epub files on windows", most of the pages told me to install apps from Windows Store, which I can not do. I almost gave up finding ePub file reader for Windows 7, then I found Neat Reader. This app really amazed me, thank you guys for supporting Windows 7.

Source: User Support Email


Thanks for developing this easy to use ePub opener, I have tried a lot of epub program, most of them are awkward or hard to use. This one clearly stands out.

Source: User Support Email

V2.x.x & V3.x.x

There are plenty of improvements and bug fixes during v2 and v3, but we lost the changelog file, so we can only write down the most important changes we made in v2 and v3.

  • New design style.
  • New Application logic.
  • Upgrade to new ePub SDK.
  • Improve parsing, searching and rendering speed.
  • New way to calculate page numbers, much faster and more accurate.
  • Multiple compatibility issue with ePub files.
  • A lot of bugs reported by users.


Improve EPUB parsing stability.

  • Compatibility issue in parsing process.


Stable version of v1.x.

  • More settings.
  • Quick guide.
  • Category management.
  • Book list display options.
  • Occasional white screen on Windows 7.
  • Occasional installation failure on MacOS.

V1.0.3 - beta

Cloud storage management.

  • cloud related features, such as upload file to cloud, download file from cloud, etc.

V1.0.2 - beta

Several new features and bug fixes.

  • Can not open certain kind of epub files
  • Support drop and open
  • Support login and data synchronization
  • Change server and language

V1.0.1 - beta

Bug fixes.

  • A lot of bugs found after release
  • Reliability issues
  • App launch speed issues

V1.0.0 - beta

The first publicly released version of Neat Reader, it is used for beta test within selected user group.

  • Directly open EPUB file on the local file system
  • Render EPUB books
  • Using Neat EPUB SDK V1.0
  • Basic management function