Finally, an elegant yet powerful ePub reader on PC, it sure makes reading ebook more joyful

-- Matt. Florida

Advanced reading experience

ePub is full of advanced technologies; however, current ePub readers do not provide similar superior experience as everyone expect. Don't be frustrated, Neat Reader is here for you, promising you the advanced reading experience as an ePub reader should have.

Perfectly render your book

Perfectly render your book

No matter what ePub books you are reading, Neat Reader will always beautifully display your book on the screen, making sure you can enjoy your book.

Easily annotate while reading

Easily annotate while reading

Add annotations and notes to ePub books with just a click, effectively increase reading comprehension for books that needs more attention.

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Sync reading data to Cloud

Sync reading data to Cloud

Save your reading progress, settings and annotations to the cloud automatically. You can get access to these data from any computer.

Neat Reader is awesome, I have searched the internet for an ePub reader for a while. Neat Reader is the best one you can find on PC. As its name, it is pretty NEAT!

-- Anthony,25,California US

Neat Reader Nice ePub reader, definitely helps a lot with my school work.

-- Frank,21,Berlin Germany

I love this program, it is amazing! Keep going like this. There is no any program like yours that has such a high quality. I will surely recommend to my friends.

-- Chen,28,Singapore

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Notification of Website Shutdown

Dear users:

We are very sorry to tell you that, we have to shutdown the current website for a while to prepare the upcoming update of Neat Reader. The new Neat Reader will support Web, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. However, the problem is the new version will be no longer compatible with the current one. Which means, your account, your books and all your datas will not be transferred to the new Neat Reader. Even though they have the same name, but they are acctually different Apps. We have tried to make them compatible, but failed. We don't want to bother you with ugly tech details. We just want to help you go through the transfer as easy as possible.

#1. Please backup your books by exporting them to your own computer, and export the notes as well.

#2. If you have a valid premium account expired before June 1, we will refund all your money for the purchase.

Refund Instruction:

1. Please send email to neat-reader@support, with title "Refund request for Neat Reader COM"

2. Please tell us your Paypal account, your money will be transferred by Paypal.

3. Please tell us the Order Id for your purchase. You can find this information by visiting Account > Order.

4. We will verify your request and reply you with the result. Your mony will be refunded to you with 30 work days.

Before the shutdown acctually happened, you can still use the current Neat Reader webapp. We can assure this website will be totally functioning before July 1, but after that time point, it may shutdown entirely at anytime and all your data cached in the browser will be deleted. But your account data, cloud book and note data will be stored in our database for at least 1 year, if you want them in the future, we will help you download them. We are really sorry for making trouble for you.