You pay only when you need premium features

Don’t worry about the price now. You can use it for free untill you need cloud storage and data synchronization. You can get 7 days premium trial just by registration, no card needed at all.


$ 0
/ forever

All app are free to use

  • Read on browser
  • Read on Android or iOS
  • Read on Windows or Mac
  • Book content table
  • Bookmark
  • Search
  • Annotation


$ 19.99
/ year

No credit card needed

All free features, plus:

  • 10GB Cloud Storage
  • Data synchronization
  • Advanced Settings
    ( Web and Desktop )
  • Ad Free
  • Export Notes
  • More Privileges Soon


$ 49.99
/ forever

No credit card needed



Lifelong members are treated the same as annual membership but will never expire.

This plan is available for a limited time and may be out of sale at any time, please purchase as soon as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

What currency is the price displayed?

In websites and apps, we use US dollars as the currency unit for displaying prices. At the time of actual purchase, we will convert it into other currencies.

What is Lifelong plan?

This Plan is a limited time offer. It enjoys the same privileges as the annual membership, but allows you to use it permanently.

How do I make a payment?

You can use PayPal to make payments on the website, or you can download Android or iOS apps and make purchases within the app.

What currency do you support?

It depends on what currencies are supported by in-app purchases for PayPal, Android and iOS. Most currencies in the world should be supported.

What if PayPal is not supported in my country?

We recommend that you try to purchase through in app purchase on iOS or Android, they obviously support a wider variety of currencies.

Can I upgrade to lifelong plan after purchasing annul plan?

Sorry, we do not support such an upgrade at this time. Please

Can I get refund?

Sorry, we cannot refund you after your upgrade is successful. Please make a full trial before making a purchase.

Where does the currency exchange rate come from?

On the website, we obtain real-time exchange rate information through the public API. In Android and iOS, prices are automatically converted by Google and Apple.

How Do The Pricing Tiers Work?

The pricing is broken down into three categories: Free, Annual Premium, or Lifelong Premium. It should be noted that the Lifelong Premium category is available for a limited time only.

With the free version you get the ability to read ebooks online on your browser, your smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS), on a downloaded software on your Windows PC or Mac. You get access to the book content table, the ability to bookmark, search and make annotations. It’s an all-around fantastic and versatile product that is ideal for any reader on any type of device. If you’re an ebook reader and are looking for a free application for your books, unlike the many costly options out there, this is the ereader for you.

The Annual Premium version gives you all of the same benefits of the free version, but also 10GB of Cloud Storage (which can hold more books than you’ll ever read), plus data synchronization (meaning that when you read to a certain page on one device, the book information will be updated on all devices, so you can start on your iPad at home, then continue without a hitch on your phone later, then finish on your computer at your desk.) There are advanced settings for both web and desktop, and your experience will be 100% ad free. You can export notes, and we’re always adding new features that you will benefit from in perpetuity. And it’s all for only $19.99 a year, plus it comes with a free 7 day trial so you can see if it’s for you before you commit.

The Lifelong Premium version is the same as the Annual Premium, with all of the same features, but you pay one low price and the app and software are yours forever. Never worry that you’ll lose your collection of books or that you’ll be cut off from the great benefits of Premium membership. But Lifelong Premium is only available for a limited time, and once it’s gone, it’s gone, so act fast!