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For MacOS 10.8 and above

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Neat ePub Reader for MacOS is carefully designed for Mac computer users. We know you can use iBooks to read ePub files, but what if you need to read the ePub files on other platforms and keep the reading data in sync? iBook only works on Apple products! However, Neat Reader is a cross-platform ePub reader that supports cloud storage, multi-end synchronization and currently supports Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Web. You can open and read ePub files on any platform and experience a seamless reading experience.

Neat Reader can perfectly parse various ePub files and provide a variety of reading features such as notes, search, custom color settings and more. All these features effectively meet the user's personalized needs for reading ePub.

Come download it now, it is free to get started.

FYI, Neat Reader also works on Windows, Android, iOS and even web browsers. If you need to read ePub file on those platform, please feel free to try them out.

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Mac ePub Reader

Whether you're a longtime digital book reader or you've just bought your first ePub and you're on a quest for the best ePub reader for Mac, you've come to the right place. Neat Reader is a cross-platform application and web app that works on all your devices, whether you're on a Mac or Windows machine, and it even works on Apple or Android phones or any device that has a full-featured web browser.

On a Mac, ePub readers are a dime a dozen. There's Apple Books, which comes preinstalled on modern Macs, but its features are fairly limited and it only works on devices made by Apple, which can be problematic if you have an Android phone or another device that is outside of the Apple ecosystem. If you also sometimes use a Windows computer or a terminal at school, the library or at work, however, you won't be able to share your reading across devices.

Furthermore, ePub files have a lot of neat little features, such as bookmarking, note taking, color and font changing and more, which means that with the default Mac ePub reader you'll be missing out on some important features that could help you get more reading done whenever you have a minute, especially if you use a lot of different devices.

Newer ePub versions are also filled with advanced technology such as HTML and CSS, in addition to SVG images that scale with your display, enabling more intricate charts and diagrams like you'd find in MathML publications. If your Mac ePub reader doesn't support these more recent protocols, you could be missing valuable information and functionality that enables you to get the most out of your ePub books.

With Neat Reader, we've got your back. All the latest and greatest ePub technology works flawlessly in our application, and because Neat Reader works on any device you own or have access to, you can sync bookmarks, notes and even your entire library in the cloud without having to bring your files with you or digging for that important bookmark, note or highlight. Neat Reader does it all, from Mac to PC -- from Android to iOS, and the clean and seamless interface means you can get right to reading without stumbling through confusing menus and screens that seem to do anything but get out of the way and let you read.

The best part is that Neat Reader is absolutely free, and you can download the Mac ePub reader version of our app right now and start reading your ePub files in just a few minutes. It works on all Macs running MacOS 10.8 or above, and you can also download the app to your iOS or Android smartphone for on-the-go reading.

If you'd rather not download a piece of software or if you're on a public computer, the Neat Reader web app provides all the great features of our downloadable apps on any modern web browser, such as Chrome, Safari, New Edge and Firefox 57+, giving you another way to have a Mac ePub reader when you're not at home.

Sign up for a free account today and download the best Mac ePub reader for mac -- Neat Reader. Or check out our web app for the same great Neat Reader experience right in your web browser.

Q: What is the system requirement for this software?

Please make sure your Mac computer's os is MacOS 10.8 or above

Q: Is this EPUB Reader free?

Yes, you can use it without spending a penny. This is a typical freemium software, most of the functions can be used for free, such as basic book management, book reading, highlighting annotations and so on.

If you need to use cloud storage and data synchronization across devices, you need to pay a small fee to upgrade to a premium account.

Q: How to open EPUB file with this app?

The use of this software is very simple and intuitive, you only need to complete the installation and follow the operation guide.

Q: Why is this EPUB viewer different from other EPUB software?

Neat Reader is a software designed specifically for EPUB file reading, and is the only EPUB reader in the world that supports a full platform. Compared with similar software, Neat Reader is more professional and comprehensive, and can meet all your needs for reading EPUB.

Q: What eBook formats do Neat Reader for MacOS support?

Neat Reader currently only supports EPUB format, and may support TXT and PDF formats in the future, so stay tuned.

Q: When will Neat Reader support TXT and PDF?

At the end of 2020, if everything goes well.

Q: Can I read mobi and azw3 files with Neat Reader for MacOS?

Neat Reader does not support directly opening files in mobi and azw3 formats. But you can use Calibre and other software to convert mobi and azw3 files to epub files, and then use Neat Reader to read them. Since the format of mobi and azw3 is very similar to EPUB, the book files after transcoding can be kept basically the same.

Q: Can I use Neat Reader as alternative to iBooks for EPUB books?

Yes, of course.

Notice: The following reviews are selected from several sources

Erwin Lee

Great alternative for iBook if you use Android phones. I used to use iPhone, and iBook is my daily ereader app, after switching to Android phone, I found it really hard to sync reading data between my Macbook and my new phone. Then Neat Reader comes into my eye, it works perfectly. I just wish you guys can polish it, making it better than iBooks.

Source: User Support Email

V2.x.x & V3.x.x

There are plenty of improvements and bug fixes during v2 and v3, but we lost the changelog file, so we can only write down the most important changes we made in v2 and v3.

  • New design style.
  • New Application logic.
  • Upgrade to new ePub SDK.
  • Improve parsing, searching and rendering speed.
  • New way to calculate page numbers, much faster and more accurate.
  • Multiple compatibility issue with ePub files.
  • A lot of bugs reported by users.


Improve EPUB parsing stability.

  • Compatibility issue in parsing process.


Stable version of v1.x.

  • More settings.
  • Quick guide.
  • Category management.
  • Book list display options.
  • Occasional white screen on Windows 7.
  • Occasional installation failure on MacOS.

V1.0.3 - beta

Cloud storage management.

  • cloud related features, such as upload file to cloud, download file from cloud, etc.

V1.0.2 - beta

Several new features and bug fixes.

  • Can not open certain kind of epub files
  • Support drop and open
  • Support login and data synchronization
  • Change server and language

V1.0.1 - beta

Bug fixes.

  • A lot of bugs found after release
  • Reliability issues
  • App launch speed issues

V1.0.0 - beta

The first publicly released version of Neat Reader, it is used for beta test within selected user group.

  • Directly open EPUB file on the local file system
  • Render EPUB books
  • Using Neat EPUB SDK V1.0
  • Basic management function